Monday, 17 January 2011

More details emerge about the A5 chip for Apple's upcoming iPad 2 and iPhone 5

More information about Apples's upcoming iPad 2 and iPhone 4 has been leaked. On Sunday we reported that the iPad 2 is set to be released in spring and the iPhone 5 in the summer. It appears that this information was spot on.

The latest information is specifically states that Apple is moving to dual-core SGX543 graphics, up from the A4's single SGX535 GPU. What makes this news particularly great is that the graphical power improvement is rated at around 4X the current generation -- which makes a true 4X resolution iPad "Retina Display" upgrade seem much more of a possibility.

Another possibility for these two upcoming gadgets is the 1080p HDMI video output, which we are starting to see apearing as a defualt spec in most of this years generation of devices, so there's no reason why Apple will want to leave the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 out.

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