Sunday, 16 January 2011

Why Do So Many People Hate Lockerz?

Lockerz is a free membership site that offers its users the oportunity to redeem free gifts by spending points that they have earned in the Lockerz system. However, Lockerz has had some very bad reviews, with many users fealing that the site has mislead them and wasted their time.

Here's why. Lockerz works on a points system. Its users must interact in a number of activities in order to earn points. These activities include simple things like watching videos or playing games. However, earning points is the easy bit. It's what to do with these points that is often frustrating.

The incentive behind earning these points is the oppertunity to spend them on free gifts in the lockerz redemtion, now operating 24/7. The gifts available range from simple screensavers to download right through to free HDTV's, free PS3's and free Macbook Pro's. In theory, users would just earn their points and then order their reward. But. Its not that simple.

The 24/7 redemption is actually a 24/7 auction, with over 10 million users competing for just 23 items. That means that any given person has a 1 in 434782 of actually getting their free gift. Of course, 23 lucky people will have gotten a free gift. But the other 9 999 977 people will have wasted hours of time earning points that they can't even spend.

My advise would be to keep well away from Lockerz. However, if you are interested in getting free stuff online then your not out of luck. There are several incentives websites that have had some very good reviews and are well worth checking out. These sites always allow redemtion and you will definetely get your free gift with these ones! I have already received £85 worth of Paypal transactions with Freebie Jeebies.

Freebie Jeebies was lauched back in march 2007. As of July 2010 they have sent out a massive £959,055.89 worth of gifts ranging from popular consoles to fridge freezers to halloween party gear!

Kudos Network is another site very similar to Freebie Jeebies, in fact it works in exactly the same way.


Well, the answer is massively. These two websites work on a completely different priciple to Lockerz. Firstly, something that i'd just like to clear up, is the fact that you do actually get your free stuff with these websites, not like Lockerz.
These two websites are incentives websites, which means that they offer rewards to users that introduce new customers to their service. They operate on a method of internet marketing known as affiliate marketing (they get paid commision for the sale of goods to affiliated companies)


The easiest way to explain this is that you can just follow a simple 3 step process.
1. Sign up to one of the incentives websites (Freebie Jeebies, or Kudos Network.)
2. Complete an offer (don't be put of by this, many of the offers are free trials for certain products)
3. Introduce some friends to the service and receive your free gift (the size of the gift is dependent on the number of friends that you refer, there is no limit!)
So why not sign up now, there's nothing to lose! Find out why so many people are raving about Freebie Jeebies and Kudos Network.


  1. Totally agreed, lockerz just tries to take advantage of its users.

  2. Yup, Lockerz is definitely a scam!

  3. Lockerz is not really a scam, but it is true that it is difficult to get items.

    I have gotten 2 thing from them in my time as a user. a $50 best buy gift card and a xbox 360 game. It's not a scam but it does require patience and luck to get something.