Friday, 3 June 2011

5 Ways to Get Referrals for FreebieJeebies

So your wanted a free PS3, free iPhone 4s or free iPad 2. You did your research and discovered the awesome freebie site that is Freebie Jeebies and signed up to get your free gift. Now you're probably in the process of getting referrals, the stage at which many people give up. Well don't worry, there's really no need to panic, getting referrals for Freebie Jeebies really is quite simple, you've just got to know how to get referrals.

Anyone can post spam comments on Youtube, "Get a free iPhone 4s, 100% legit," or Tweet, "Claim your free PS3,"  but the truth is, this is just spam, and if you're looking to become a top freebie hunter it really isn't the way to go about your business.

There's a knack to Freebie Jeebies, and of coarse other incentives networks of the like. And that is, to be unique, think out of the box, and most importantly stand by your referrals all of the way. You need to be prepared to answer any questions people might want to ask, otherwise you're throwing referrals away. Do you really think someones going to click a link in a Youtube comment that claims to give away free PS3's? Youtube is a spammers paradise, and the one percent of people that do take notice will most likely type, "Free PS3, Freebie Jeebies" into Google rather than clicking on your link.

So, how can you be successful on Freebie Jeebies? There are five methods of getting referrals that are full proof when it comes to freebie hunting. Many of the top freebie hunters use these very methods, but that doesn't matter because you can still be successful by out competing the competition.

Method 1 - Get Referrals using a Blog or Website: This is probably the most widely used way of getting referrals on the Internet. It's a method that can never become saturated because the winner is simply the cleverest, the one that provides the best content and has the best search engine rankings.

As a newbie, the easiest way to start is to use a platform like Blogger or Wordpress. Both allow you to set up a free blog and host it for free on a free domain. These platforms are relatively simple to use and are search engine friendly.

Alternatively, if you're looking to jump into the freebie industry and begin a freebie hunting career, then why not set up your very own website to tell people all about Freebie Jeebies. To do this you'll need to register a domain and buy a hosting plan, both relatively small investments if you know what your doing. Alternatively, many people start off by just paying for the domain and using free hosting, then, when your website is getting more traffic and you have some earnings you can migrate to a premium hosting plan.

However, setting up your website is only the start of it and much of the work comes trying to drive traffic to your site. Whats the use of having the best looking website on the net if it has no traffic? The best way to get traffic to your website is to think about the long run and spend time doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your'e new to SEO then a great place to start looking is the Google SEO guide.

Method 2 - Create a Youtube Channel and Produce Videos: Youtube has great potential for referrals. If your'e good at making videos then there's all sorts of stuff that you could do on Youtube. You could produce tutorial videos showing people how to get various gadgets for free using Freebie Jeebies (be careful not to breach the Freebie Jeebies terms of service here though, you must not guide people through the process of completing offers. Only show them that you can get a free gift through the site).

Another thing that you could do on Youtube to post videos of yourself un-boxing a free item that you've already received. This is effective with big gifts like the free iPad 2, as many people will see it and get excited.

Method 3 -  Get Referrals on Social Networks: An excellent place to get referrals as a newbie is on social networks. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have gotten massive in the past few years, and with that popularity comes huge potential for freebie hunters.

However, be careful not to look like a spammer, the best way to use social networks for referrals is to engage with your referrals. Get involved in conversations and gain the trust of those people, then once your'e ready, bring Freebie Jeebies into the conversation. Don't target anyone in any way. Just say something like, "Got my free PS3 from Freebie Jeebies today." If people are interested, they will ask questions.

Method 4 - Get Referrals on Forums and Chatrooms: This is more of a laid back approach. Insert your referral link into your signature and engage in forum chat. Many people will see your link in your signature and click on it. The trick is to continue posting on the forums for a period of time and become a trusted member. If people see you as a trusted member they're likely to ask you about your link, and now you have your chance to get referrals.

Alternatively, you could use chatrooms like Omegle, alright, its full of weirdos, but these people so generally express an interest in freebies and can be easy referrals.

Method 5 - Back to Basics: Who said this had to be complicated? Just because you have a referral link, doesn't mean you need people from the internet to sign up as referrals. Why not get the people who trust you most involved in the freebie industry. Just ask friends and family, they're bound to be interested, and the chances are, if you ask, they will sign up. Beware, the duplicate accounts from the same household are forbidden, so make sure that the people you refer don't live with you. If you try and cheat the system Freebie Jeebies will find out!


  1. that was very helpfull thankyou(no jokes about it)jake begginer freebie hunter

  2. I like the sound of FreebieJeebies! Thanks for posting this -- I'll be sure to check it out.

  3. I joined Freebiejeebies at the end of 2008 with no experience or hopes for free gifts. Within a month I had received a £275 Amazon Voucher and built a website. In 1 year I have now received a 22" Samsung T220HD, a Wii + Game and an iphone 4. I'm now working towards an iMac. Thank you so much FreebieJeebies

  4. I joined Freebiejeebies at the end of 2010 with no experience or hopes for free gifts. Within a month I had received a £275 Amazon Voucher and built a website. In 1 year I have now received a 22" Samsung T220HD, a Wii + Game and an iphone 4. I'm now working towards an iMac. great tips btw FreebieJeebies

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  6. Dear anyone who is reading this,
    I, probably like the person who created this blog, am aiming to get free gadgets and share how to do so with other people, but the main problem is getting people to believe me! I'm not going to post a link to my blog, you found this blog first so the owner is entitled to your referrals but I just want to tell you to trust that FreebieJeebies is safe and works. I've only ever gotten something small from it (a video game for 2 referrals), but still anything is great when its free!
    Try it, you have nothing to lose!

    1. do u have some tips for me. i'm a girl trying to get referals for an iphone

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