Thursday, 4 August 2011

Get the Black Ops Annihilation Map pack for free - Black Ops Maps for free!

Would you like to get the latest Black Ops Maps for free? The price Activision ask for the latest Call of Duty map packs is pretty steep, but you don't have to pay this. With Points2Shop you can get the latest Black Ops Map Pack for free!

The way Points2Shop works is fairly simple really. You earn points by completing surveys, watching videos and trialling free software. These points can then be used to redeem some free Microsoft Points or free PSN codes. And there you have it, the Black Ops Maps for free!

Now if you're interested in this, then maybe you'll be interested in getting some more free stuff, but this time much bigger free stuff, like a free PS3. This is where FreebieJeebies is useful. FreebieJeebies is an incentives network, you are asked to get friends to sign up just like you did, and in return FreebieJeebies will reward you with lots of free gifts! Read more about FreebieJeebies here.

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