Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How to get free Microsoft Points and free PSN codes

How can I get free Microsoft points or free PSN codes?

There are two simple methods for getting free Microsoft points and free PSN codes, some people prefer the first method, others prefer the second.

Method 1 - Points2shop: Points2shop is a website that rewards its users for completing tasks like watching videos or completing surveys. Users are rewarded points for completing these tasks, and these points can then be used to redeem your free Microsoft points or PSN codes. With points2shop, users are also rewarded cash for referring friends - this is then paid via paypal. 

Method 2 - Freebiejeebies: Freebiejeebies rewards its users by offering free gifts that are redeemed in exchange for referring friends. Each gift has a price quoted in referrals, with each referral being worth around £20/$30.

Which method is best?

Different people prefer different methods, points2shop is ideal if you have plenty of time to watch videos and complete surveys, what you can earn is pretty much unlimited. Rewards aren't restricted to free Microsoft points or PSN codes. Many people choose larger gifts like free Amazon vouchers.

Freebiejeebies is ideal if you have several friends that want free Microsoft points or PSN codes because they can be earned purely by referring friends. Also, what you can earn with Freebiejeebies is unlimited, you could potentially earn anything you want if you can get the referrals

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