Monday, 30 May 2011

Get Escalation Map Pack for Free - Get Black Ops Maps for free!

The second installment of DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops is out now. The Escalation Map Pack offers four all new multilayer maps: 'Zoo', 'Hotel', 'Convoy' and 'Stockpile', as well as another map for the hugely popular Zombie mode named 'Call of the Dead'. The price for the new maps is 1200 Microsoft points/$15/£10.

In consideration, this is perhaps a hefty price tag to pay for the casual COD gamer, so, as always we have found several ways in which gamers can get their hands on the new Black Ops Maps for free.

Black Ops Maps for Free - Option 1: Join an Incentives Network
The first option, and in my opinion the easiest, is to join an Incentives Network like Freebie Jeebies. An Incntives Network is basically a website that rewards its users for two things; completing offers - free trials etc, and referring friends. Check out our Freebie Jeebies referral Guide!

All that you will need to do at Freebie Jeebies to get the Escalation Map Pack for free is complete one offer (like a free trial with any of the partner websites) and refer two friends to do the same. Once you have got two referrals, you simply request a Paypal transaction or redeem some free Microsoft Points or a PSN card. Two referrals and one offer will get you $65/£40 worth, so its relatively easy money.

You can find out more about the Freebie Jeebies reward scheme here.

Even Hitler Uses FreebieJeebies!

Black Ops Maps for Free - Option 2: Complete Offers
The second option is similar to Freebie Jeebies, but completing offers carries more weight and referring friends is less valuable. Points2shop is also an Incentives network, but as the name suggests, you're given points to shop with for completing offers. Offers range from completing surveys for free, to heavier paying offers like downloading software or signing up to services.

Points2Shop do have a referral system, but it doesn't pay as well as Freebie Jeebies. In Points2Shop you receive 15% of the points your referrals earn, whereas with Freebie Jeebies you can earn $37/£20 per referral.

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