Sunday, 29 January 2012

MW3 maps for Free - How to get the MW3 DLC free!

With the MW3 season of content well under way, there's much excitement about the 20 new multiplayer maps to be releases in the next few months. Of course, as with any Call of Duty DLC, the new maps will cost you and for many they will cost too much. But if you can't afford the new MW3 maps or a Call of Duty Elite membership there is another way.

With Freebiejeebies, an online rewards network, you can get the new MW3 maps for free! In return for simply signing up and introducing a few friends, Freebiejeebies will reward you with the MW3 DLC for free or a free Call of Duty Elite membership. What you get for free is your choice, but the point is that you can use Freebiejeebies to get the MW3 maps for free!

Other places to get the MW3 maps for free include websites like Points2shop. Points2shop operates a little differently to Freebiejeebies. On Points2shop you earn points for things like completing trials, playing games and completing tasks. These points can then be used to buy stuff on Amazon.

Freebiejeebies or Points2shop?
Although you can get the MW3 maps for free at both Freebiejeebies and points to shop, the way in which you do it is quite different. Freebiejeebies involves introducing friends to the website, Points2shop involves earning points through playing games and completing tasks etc. Whilst it's easier to get free stuff with points2shop, Freebiejeebies has more potential if you want to make money in the long run.

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