Sunday, 9 October 2011

How to get a free iPhone 4S - free iPhone 4S no contract

With the iPhone 4S announced and now available for pre-order, millions of gadget lovers worldwide are scrapping to find the best deals. The price tag of the iPhone 4S is likely to be, when considering previous versions of the product, astronomical. But, you needn't pay such a price! It's possible to get your very own, contract free iPhone 4S for free!

Those of you that have read my blog posts before will be aware of Freebiejeebies. For those that aren't, Freebiejeebies is an incentives based network, basically they offer incentives in the form of free gifts to those that are willing to do a bit of work on their behalf. In the case of Freebiejeebies, you're simply asked to complete a free or low cost advertisers offer, and refer some friends to do the same. This is how we're going to get our free iPhone 4S's.

So to summarize in three steps how to get a free iPhone 4S:

  1. Register with Freebiejeebies
  2. Complete a free offer (e.g Intuit free trial) and get some friends to do the same
  3. Order your free iPhone 4S from Freebiejeebies!
The iPhone 4S is not yet listed on Freebiejeebies, but it will probably appear for preorder very soon! We're guessing that we'll need in the region of 20 referrals for our free iPhone 4S. So why not sign up now and get started.

If you need help getting referrals you can find all the support and help on our page "5 ways to get referrals for Freebiejeebies." If you've any questions you can tweet me at or email me at

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