Saturday, 15 January 2011

Get anything for free from Freebie Jeebies!

Freebie Jeebies is a reward website that offers its users free gifts as an incentive to introduce new customers to its service. By being a member of Freebie Jeebies you can get anything that you want for free, its easy, just follow our free step simple process.

1: Sign up - First, you need to sign up and verify your email, it's important that you use your correct address for this, otherwise Freebie Jeebies will ship your free gifts to the wrong place!

2: Complete an offer - Next you must complete an offer, but don't worry, there are several free offers that are very popular, most notably the Intuit free trial. There are also some paid offers, the most popular of these being Coral betting, where you simply sign up and wager £5. Remember, you only need to complete one offer.

3: Refer friends - Finally, you introduce some of your friends to do the same as what you've just done via your unique referral link. The number of friends that you get to sign up determines the size of your free gift. For each friend that signs up you will get £20 worth of free gifts!

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