Wednesday, 26 January 2011

XCM's F1 Converter brings Logitech G27 to XBOX 360

The Logitech G27 is a top end racing wheel, compatible with the PC and Playstation 3, with many gamers taking advantage of the device and using it for Gran Turismo 5. Although this fantastic racing wheel has been available to both PS3 and PC gamers for some time, it has never been compatible with the XBOX 360.

However, all of this is about to change with the introduction of the F1 converter from XCM. The F1 converter will allow fans of the XBOX 360 to get behind the wheel of the Logitech G27, enhancing the realism of driving games. The G27 is extremely popular with PS3 users due to it's fully manual gearbox and clutch, as well as its paddle shifters.

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