Saturday, 5 March 2011

Free Apple Gadgets - How to get a free iPad 2, free MacBook Pro, free iPhone 4 and much more!

Apple are arguably the mother of all gadget companies, and there's no doubt that you would love to be able to get your hands on all of the latest Apple gadgets. However, unless you're extremely rich, this would seem an impossible feat. Or so it seems.

To get all of the latest Apple gadgets the conventional way, in the shops, would cost you an arm and a leg. But, fortunately, there's another way. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, with the increasing popularity of the internet, reward websites were born. By this I mean sites like 'Freebie Jeebies', that offer their users the opportunity to receive free gifts as a reward for introducing new customers to their service.

So how can I get free Apple gadgets from these Reward websites?

The concept is actually very simple. These websites give their users free gifts in return for introducing new customers. It's no different to regular companies like Sky TV offering vouchers if you introduce a friend. Each person you introduce is worth a certain amount of money to the company, and they can use part of this money to reward you.

So, you want to get a free iPad 2, free iPhone or free iPod? The first step you would take is the sign up process. To do this, simply head over to Freebie Jeebies and complete the sign up form.

After completing the sign up you will be prompted to complete an offer. This is the stage that most people find most daunting, but it's really very easy. There are a wide range of offers available, and many are free. You don't have to complete this stage right away, but it is a requirement if you are to receive your free gifts. Look out for the Intuit free trial and the Sony Card offers - these are both free!

The main process involved is the part where you introduce new friends. When you sign up, you will be given a unique referral link. This is what you use to get your 'referrals,' in other words you get your friends to sign up with this link. Each free Apple gadget will be worth a certain number of referrals. This can be anywhere from 3 referrals for the free iPod shuffle to 43 referrals for the MacBook Pro.

After you have completed an offer, and got enough referrals for your desired free gift, you click verify and Freebie Jeebies will send you your free Apple Gadget!

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