Wednesday, 23 March 2011

How to get a free PS3 slim

Get a free PS3 from Freebie JeebiesThe Sony PS3 slim is not just a great games console, but also and excellent multi media theater. Whether you want to play PS3 games, or watch Blu-ray movies, the PS3 slim will do the job for you.

But, have you ever wondered if its possible to get a free PS3? If so, you probably also thought that it's just not possible. Well, you'd be wrong. Freebie Jeebies are an online rewards network that offer you just what you want. From a free PS3 to a free iPad, you can get all of the latest gadgets and tech for free at this brilliant rewards network.

All you have to do is register with Freebie Jeebies, complete one free offer, such as the Intuit free trial, and refer some friends. In return for the friends you refer to their service, Freebie Jeebies will give you what ever you want, for free. Be it a free PS3, or a free iPad 2, Freebie Jeebies are stocking all of the latest gadgets and gizmos so you can be sure that they'll have whatever your looking for, absolutely free!
Get a free PS3
OK, so maybe you're thinking that this sounds a bit dodgy. How could anyone afford to give away a free PS3 slim? Well, this is in fact a legitimate scheme that uses a method of marketing called affiliate marketing to make money, and best of all, offer you free gifts.

This video by the BBC outlines the process. It features a US based site that's giving away free iPods, but the principle is the same with Freebie Jeebies and the Free PS3 slim.

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