Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack announced

EA has announced a new pre-order bonus for the UK version of Battlefield 3. Gamers who pre-order through either Game or Gamestation will be rewarded with the Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Physical Warfare Pack, which will include four new weapons and accessories:

  • Type 88 LMG
  • DAO-12 shotgun
  • Flechette ammo for DAO-12 shotgun
  • Flash suppressor for SKS sniper rifle

The DAO shotgun was included in Battlefield 2, and the Type 88 LMG can be found in Bad Company 2. The new ammo an suppressor accessories give an indication that weapons in Battlefield 3 will have a greater level of customization than previous titles.

In addition to the weapons and accessories, the Physical Warfare Pack also includes the rest of the Back to Karkand content. The Physical warfare pack is exclusive to the UK, but EA have stated on their Blog that further promotional packs are set to be announced for other countries.

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